vrijdag 21 september 2012

Brederode reference

Here are the images that I could find as a reference for the Brederode model.
Fortunately, there are quite a few of them, and the quality is pretty good.

Van de Velde the Elder made 3 studies of the ship, which tend to be very accurate. Unfortunately all his ship studies miss the masts and the rigging.

Here are three van de Velde studies,
A peculiar feature on this ship is the cloth and the dark covers on the sides of the deck.
I did put them on my model, but since I don't know exactly what their function was, I decided to leave some of it out.

Here is the third study, where she seems to be pretty damaged from a previous battle. Her masts are missing and her hull is full of holes

below: The Brederode off Hellevoetsluis by Simon de Vlieger. Awesome painting and my best reference for her colours, although the ship colours are pretty dark. On her stern she is flying the bloodflag, a red flag with an arm which carries a sword. This flag comes back on a number of other painings and drawings from around 1640-1650. I don't know it's exact function, but it seems like a pretty clear warning not to mess with it.... It show the ship with only 2 sails on the fore- and mainmast. I found this rather interesting, since it's successor flagships Eendracht and Zeven Provincien but also it's predecessor Aemalia seem to have three sails for each mast.

below: The battle of Scheveningen by Jan Abrahamsz. Here the Brederode is shown in a fight with the 'Resolution'. This was the last battle of the first Anglo-Dutch war. Admiral Maarten Tromp lost his life on his flagship. She seems to be getting a beating and losing her mast. Although this is a very nice painting, it is less realistic than the other drawings and paintings. Also the details on the Brederode don't seem to match with some details on the other works.   

A scene by van de Velde with the Brederode on the background.

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